Sculptural Candle Set Handmade Artistic Pillar Candles
Sculptural Candle Set Handmade Artistic Pillar Candles
Sculptural Candle Set Handmade Artistic Pillar Candles
Sculptural Candle Set Handmade Artistic Pillar Candles


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Set of Six Sculptural Candles. A journey of transformation through wax ‚ÄĒ hand sculpted candles made in Spain by Silvia Dur√°n Planas of¬†Mulier Studio¬†exclusively on INK + PORCELAIN

In every transformation, a new light arises. These sculptural candles illuminate your space with more than just their flame. Whether you choose to place these statuesque candles individually on your nightstand or grouped on your coffee table, they will transform your space into a visual narrative.

These objects of art are a homage to transformation - a tribute to the light that emerges from change and with their color, shape, and aroma, they create a contemplative experience for you, transcending the boundaries of traditional candle use. A world where art meets tradition, where each piece is a story waiting to unfold in your curated space.

These artistic candle sculptures can serve as a fascinating centerpiece on your coffee table or a quiet companion on a bookshelf or nightstand. Opt for a single piece or mix and match them. Grouped together, they create a visually alluring candle tableau. Each wax sculpture candle doubles as a decorative candle and an object of art, offering more than just a light source.

Scent: Amber and Sandalwood



Material: Soy and Paraffin Wax, Cotton Wick and Color Dyes
Colors may vary as they are all hand mixed

Burn Time: ~2-4 hours
Excluded from Designer Trade Promos
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Our wax figures are designed to be a decorative object, whose mere contemplative experience allows you to enjoy the color, shape and aroma.

To light the piece, we recommend only lighting it with a support at the base or using heat-resistant containers or supports, capable of containing the liquid wax. We recommend leaving it on for no more than 2 hours at a time. Do not leave candles unattended and keep them out of the reach of children and animals.

Being irregularly shaped pieces, the wick may burn more quickly in some points than in others. If the flame is strong, trim the wick. Avoid leaving the candles in the sun.