The Art of Gifting: Home Decor Gift Guide Under $200

The Art of Gifting: Home Decor Gift Guide Under $200

Explore our carefully curated holiday gift guide, featuring 16 exceptional home decor items, each designed by women and priced under $200. These pieces are not only affordable but also embody the spirit of artistry and creativity, making them perfect for gifting during the holiday season. In this selection, we bring you the epitome of affordable luxury, perfect for enhancing and elevating any home. Our range includes a diverse array of artful objects that are emblems of artistic expression and craftsmanship, ideal for adding a touch of elegance and personality to every home.

  1. Ruffle Bowl - $115
    Designed by Jannalyn Bailey of Curious Clay, the Ruffle Bowl is a masterpiece of handmade artistry, featured in prominent design publications like Design Milk and Architectural Digest. This unglazed, hand-thrown bowl is perfect for adding a touch of spontaneity and movement to your home decor. Each piece is crafted with love in Connecticut, embodying the essence of attainable, everyday beauty. Its unique ruffle design makes it a striking centerpiece for any table or shelf.

  2. Ikebana Vessel - $80
    The Ikebana Vessel, a collaboration with Ekua Ceramics, is a testament to the beauty of floral art. Handmade by Sara Ekua Todd, this vessel is designed to simplify the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement, featuring a built-in stem holder. The vessel's raw cream exterior and glazed interior offer a blend of functionality and understated elegance. Ideal for mindfulness practices, it's a must-have for both novice and seasoned floral enthusiasts.

  3. Pedestal Planters - $165
    Mahlory Reisch of Klei Ceramics, based in Nampa, Idaho, brings the beauty of the high desert into your home with the Pedestal Planters. These planters, available in exclusive Cream and Speckled Cream finishes, are meticulously crafted in a two-piece design for seamless functionality. The innovative design allows easy removal of the top section for water disposal or self-watering conversion. They're not just planters but a statement of elegance and a testament to the harmony of nature and design.

  4. Bud Vases - $65 - $185
    Allison Shawn, a trained architect and ceramicist from Los Angeles, presents the Handmade Bud Vases in a unique espresso brown and cream. Available in three versatile sizes, these vases are perfect for enhancing the beauty of single blooms or small arrangements. Crafted at SOMBRA studio, their sculptural forms offer an elegant touch to any living space, inviting tranquility and creativity. Whether used for shelf styling or as standalone pieces, they add a serene aesthetic to any room.

  5. Sun Catchall Bowl Mini - $195
    The Mini Sun Catchall Bowl by Brazilian artist Amanda Hummes is a radiant addition to any home. Handcrafted and featuring delicately wavy edges, this bowl captures the essence of sunlight in a compact form. Inspired by Amanda's heritage and global influences, each piece is a limited edition, rich in detail and symbolism. This bowl is not just a decor item but a story of warmth and illumination, ideal for adding a touch of luminosity to your space.

  6. Wish Stones - $95 - $175
    Eunjin Bae's Wish Stones, available in three sizes, are inspired by a beautiful Korean tradition of stone stacking for wishes. Handmade in Los Angeles, these stones are perfect for storing small treasures or as a decorative accent on coffee tables and shelves. They symbolize the ritual of making wishes and connecting with nature, adding a meaningful and personal touch to your home. Their simple yet profound design is a reminder of the beauty in traditions and the stories they carry.

  7. Sculptural Candle Set - $185
    Crafted in Spain by Silvia Dur√°n Planas of Mulier Studio, these Sculptural Candles are a journey of transformation through wax. These candles illuminate spaces with more than just their flame with their Amber and Sandalwood scent. Whether placed individually or grouped, they transform any space into a visual narrative. These candles serve as a homage to transformation and the light that emerges from change.

  8. Amphora Boinggg Vase - $200
    Another stunning creation by Kassandra Guzman, the limited edition Amphora Boinggg Vase, is an object of art that brings movement and energy to any space. This ceramic vase, wheel-thrown and handmade, is an embodiment of Kassandra's unique aesthetic. Its bold design and whimsical handles make it a conversation starter, ideal for an artful floral display. This piece, like all of Kassandra's creations, is meant to be collected and cherished for years.

  9. Curvy Boinggg Vase - $200
    The Curvy Boinggg Vase, a limited edition piece by Kassandra Guzman, is a whimsical work of art for your home. With its spring-inspired handles and unique shape, this vase adds a playful yet elegant touch to any setting. Each vase is a handcrafted, wheel-thrown sculpture, ensuring that every piece is as unique as it is beautiful. It's a perfect statement piece for those who appreciate ceramics that combine function with artistic flair.

  10. Wavy Cup - $45
    The Wavy Cup, crafted by Alaina Thai of Little Match Studio in Los Angeles, offers an artistic twist to your daily tea or coffee ritual. This hand-thrown cup features a textured matte cream exterior and a glazed gloss white interior, fitting comfortably in your hands. Its unique design and tactile surface make it a delightful addition to your morning routine. Sold as a single cup, it pairs perfectly with the Matcha Bowl, embodying the collaboration of two AAPI creatives. 

  11. Matcha Bowl - $60
    Elevate your matcha experience with the Matcha Bowl, also created by Alaina Thai. This handmade bowl's design focuses on enriching the ritual of tea preparation, offering a calming and centering experience. The bowl's textured matte cream exterior and glazed gloss white interior are a testament to Alaina's craftsmanship and attention to detail. It's an ideal gift for anyone who cherishes the art of tea.

  12. Mini Box - $165
    Gabriela Anastasio Holloway of Anastasio Home introduces the Mini Box, a symbol of refined elegance in Travertine and Emerald. Cut from a single piece of solid marble stone, each tray is crafted by skilled artisans in Rajasthan, India. Known for her exquisite designs, Gabriela's trays are perfect for coffee tables, vanities, or nightstands. This piece is not mass-produced, ensuring each is a unique objet d'art for curated organization.

  13. Teo Box - $150
    The Teo Box, another marvelous creation by Gabriela Anastasio Holloway, is a functional yet luxurious addition to any interior. Each box is hand-finished from a single piece of solid marble stone, showcasing unique color and pattern variations. Its versatile design makes it an ideal catchall for any space, arriving in gift-ready packaging with adhesive felt pads to protect surfaces. This piece is a reflection of Gabriela's dedication to crafting limited-run, high-quality home accessories.

  14. Wavy Tray - $40
    Cameron Busch of Hello Homebody brings to life the Wavy Tray, a unique piece featured in Forbes. This decorative cement tray is ideal for adding subtle movement to your home decor. Whether used to hold palo santo, sage, or as a stylish accent on coffee table books, the Wavy Tray is versatile and visually intriguing. It's a simple yet effective way to add character to any room.

  15. Boinggg Vase - $115
    The Boinggg Vase by Kassandra Guzman of Kuu Pottery in Seattle is a playful and energetic addition to any decor. This unique, wheel-thrown porcelain vase features spring-inspired handles, adding a whimsical touch to the room. Each vase is a one-of-a-kind sculpture, full of character and perfect for displaying your favorite flowers. Kassandra's artistic journey, featured in Design Milk, showcases her talent for creating ceramics that are both functional and joyfully expressive.

  16. INK + PORCELAIN Gift Card
    The INK + PORCELAIN Gift Card is the perfect solution for those who cherish home decor but prefer the freedom to choose their own items. It's an invitation to explore a curated collection that mirrors a minimal yet bold aesthetic. This gift card isn't just about products; it's about experiences, memories, and the magic of self-expression.

    As you explore our holiday gift guide, you'll find that each piece is more than just an item of decor; it's a story of passion and artistry. From eye-catching centerpieces to charming accessories, our selection under $200 makes luxury affordable and accessible. These gifts are not just items to be admired but cherished memories to be created, making them perfect for friends, family, or even as a special treat for yourself. Shop now to discover the perfect blend of beauty, craftsmanship, and innovative design in our collection. Give the gift of affordable luxury this holiday season and make your loved ones' homes a haven of artful elegance and style.