The Transformational Journey Through Wax: Discover Our Collection of Hand-Sculpted Pillar Candles

Hand-sculpted candles process


Hand-sculpted candles — an art form that combines creativity, patience, and a deep understanding of materials and forms. It's more than just producing a light source; it's about shaping wax into sculptures, creating decorative pieces that transform a space. In the world of artisanal candle-making, piller (totem) candles stand out with their vertical, sculptural shapes and unique designs. They can be compared to statues or mini monuments made from wax, with the purpose of not only providing light but also acting as a significant piece of decor.

Pillar / Totem candles

Our Collection

At INK + PORCELAIN, we have partnered with the talented Silvia Durán Planas of Mulier Studio, Spain to bring you an exclusive collection of hand-sculpted, artisanal pillar candles. Each piece in our collection is meticulously crafted from high-quality soy wax, and embodies a different concept, ranging from balance to energy. Let's dive deeper into these extraordinary creations.


The Azteca candle blends architecture and organic elements, resulting in a design that exudes both precision and warmth. Its forms are both organic and architectural, denoting sobriety in its design.

Azteca candle

Big Mutatio

Representing vital transformation towards a more conscious life, Big Mutatio embodies the notion of change. Its sculptural design adds a unique twist to any space.

Big Mutatio candle


Inspired by the ancient African tradition of carrying heavy loads on women's heads, the Africa candle is a testament to strength and resilience. Its design is a fusion of artistic candle sculpting and meaningful cultural traditions.

Africa candle


Celebrating the beauty of the human body, the Cuerpos candle is freed from social tyrannies. Its form seeks beauty beyond mere shape, resulting in a stunning wax sculpture candle.

Cuerpos candle


Embodying harmony and stability, the Libra candle's design is inspired by the irregularity of stones. Its sculpted form symbolizes the pursuit of balance, making it a serene addition to your space.

Libra candle


A true representation of energy that spreads through space until it becomes light, Onda is a blend of craftsmanship and symbolism. It's more than a decorative candle — it's an experience.

ONDA candle

Caring for Your Candle

To prolong the life of your hand-sculpted totem candles and ensure they burn evenly, we recommend only lighting them with a base or using heat-resistant containers or supports, capable of containing the liquid wax. Always trim the wick before each use, and avoid leaving the candles in the sun.

In conclusion, hand-sculpted pillar candles provide more than just light — they offer an exploration into art, culture, and individual stories. These decorative pieces transform a space, making it a reflection of you. Begin your journey of transformation through wax with our exquisite collection at INK + PORCELAIN. Each piece, handcrafted by Silvia Durán Planas, tells a unique story of transformation.