In honor of¬†AAPI Heritage month, I was lucky enough to partner with¬†Jenni Kayne Home¬†to share a glimpse of¬†the¬†Woodhouse,¬†and a snippet of my day to day routine as a small business owner.¬†This was the first project of its kind ‚Äď when Jenni Kayne Home reached out with the project idea, I immediately felt like this was a unique opportunity to try and showcase the work of other members of the community,¬†for whom I'm truly grateful. Here's a link to the full¬†video here.

Maggie, the owner and florist of Mflora Design of Taiwanese origins, dedicated so much thought into each stem to create the stunning floral arrangement; it was hard at first to keep some flowers alive for longer than 24h given all the sun exposure our living room gets, so she came back over the following 3 days to ensure the flowers were doing well and replaced the ones that needed to be taken care of (it was also our first time doing longer form video, so it took a few trials to get it right).

The timing for all of this felt fortuitous. I had just happened to connect with was Serena, a Chinese-American creative. I came across an AAPI blog post and was intrigued and wanted to know more about the person behind it. I instantly noticed she had a great eye for angles and colors, and asked her to hop on a call. Before I knew it she took on the project's art direction and assisted with production for the shoot.
Lastly, my partner, Zak, for being the jack of all trades and being the mastermind behind photography, video, and post production. He helped pull it all together beautifully in just a few days.
I’m excited to share all the timeless Jenni Kayne pieces I’ve incorporated into my home as photographed below. Style your space with the Jenni Kayne collection using the code INKANDPORCELAIN15.



Women Owned Brands

The grid mug is handmade by Anna Richardson of Pepper Stone Ceramics. 
The ruffle bowl is handmade by Jannalyn Bailey of Curious Clay. 
The wavy tray is made by Cameron Busch of Hello Homebody.
The raffia coasters are our own first in-house design and we have more on the way. Excited to announce that all of these items will be available to shop on our site soon. Stay up to date here. 

Outfit Details

Shirt - Jenni Kayne O'Keeffe Shirt
Cardigan - Jenni Kayne Cotton Cocoon Cardigan

Oak Essentials

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