Earlier this month, we hosted the second volume of A Seat at the Table - an intimate gathering of women who came together to share their experiences and inspire each other through their stories while immersed in an earthly food installation by Kara Vorabutr.

Our goal is to create a lasting ripple effect of collaboration and empowerment through this series. We are grateful to all those who have shown their support and trust in this meaningful event. We can’t wait to see how far we can go together.

Thank you to all of our women-owned sponsors for supporting an event with intention and community at its core. 

Presented by: Ink + Porcelain | Fig & Oak
Videography: Josie Raina

Chef Kara Vorabutr

An earthly food installation by Chef Kara Vorabutr. Kara Vorabutr is an installation artist and food anthropologist working and living in Los Angeles. She utilizes space to display our disposition shared between food, sculptural objects, or photography to explain our understanding of sustenance.

Anine Bing

Anine Bing for dressing the founders Cindy Ngo and Samantha Romero in their latest collection for the event.


A stunning beehive cake by Rose Wild founder of Redbread. 

Lorenza Wine

Lorenza Picpoul Blanc by the mother daughter team of Melinda Kearney and Michèle Ouellet.

dńĀl the label

Luxury sustainable women's clothing line dńĀl the label by Arab-American designer Dana Mortada.

Silent Opus

Fully customizable fine jewelry line Silent Opus founded by Vanessa Stofenmacher.

Coven Candles

Coven Candles is a non-toxic candle made with sustainable and biodegradable non-GMO coconut soy wax blended with high quality fragrance oils and a clean burning metal-free wick.

Maison Plage

Curated book brand Maison Plage by founder Kelly Croteau. A¬†destination for those seeking rare, out of print, and new books, especially those relating to fashion, art, design and photography‚ÄĒfrom the avant-garde to the natural world.



An assortment of modern fine fragrances mindfully formulated by Phlur.


Clean haircare - açai style refreshers by Ceremonia.


Parch is an award winning non alcoholic agave spirits and cocktails infused with desert botanicals and adaptogens.

Ilia Beauty

Cheek palettes by clean beauty and cosmetics brand Ilia.


Clean skincare - Kind Atmosphere Biome Mist by Superegg.

Roxanne Morrison Studio

Handmade sculptures by Roxanne Morrison. Every piece is designed as an homage to the endless diversity of a woman's sensual body and spirit, flaws and all.