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The Ripple Vase, now in a larger size is a creation by Ruby Bell Ceramics that embodies a design that's alive with movement at every angle. This unique vessel, hand-built to stand the test of time, captures the essence of Taylor's artistic vision. Each sculpture is treated as a distinct entity, where the beauty of imperfections and the unexpected elements of the hand-building process are not only embraced but also celebrated. The vase's form is enhanced by the visible traces of the artist's hand - every pinch, cut, and smoothing gesture - showcasing an unfiltered connection with the medium of clay. This approach brings attention to the detailed process of pinching and coiling, adding depth and character to the piece.

With its textured raw exterior, the Ripple Vase presents an organic, earthy feel, perfectly counterbalanced by a clear glazed interior for a touch of refinement. Designed to elevate any interior, this vase stands out whether as a solitary statement piece or adorned with your favorite seasonal flowers and branches. Its dynamic design, reminiscent of gentle ripples, makes it a must-have interior styling piece, adding a touch of timeless elegance and visual allure to your home.

Taylor Ruby Bell is a former art dealer of Post War and Contemporary prints and multiples creating unique hand-built vessels with a sculptural point of view.  With a nod to her Egyptian heritage, ancient artifacts, Modernist art and architecture, Taylor hand-builds unique vessels that are truly meant to be timeless. Each piece is individually hand built so that no two pieces are identical — perfectly imperfect.


Handmade In Portland, Oregon
Dimensions: ~8” H x ”
Vase Opening ~”
Material: Raw Textured Black Exterior with Clear Glaze Interior

Please note each piece is handmade. Slight variations in shape, color, and size are to be expected.