Calpide Cream Vessel Handmade by Canoa Lab in Spain
Calpide Cream Vessel Handmade by Canoa Lab in Spain


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To purchase the exact piece styled in Katie Monkhouse Interior's San Francisco Decorator Showcase please select the Showcase option when ordering. The Showcase item will be shipped 5/31 with complimentary shipping. All other pre-orders ship within 6-8 weeks.

Handmade in Valencia, Spain, Canoa Lab ceramics echo the shapes and textures of ancient artifacts, imparting a sense of ritual for modern use. The ceramics by Canoa Lab focus on texture, color and form, calling to the ancient design of Iberian, Roman and Greek societies of the Mediterranean.

Canoa Lab, founded by Raquel Vidal and Pedro Paz, epitomizes cartographic drift by dynamically exploring design boundaries and innovations. The vessels are made of stoneware with grog and brushed with experimental glazes and a textured surface, resulting in slight variations with each piece.

Dimensions: 6.3" Diameter x 6.3" Height
Color: Matte Cream Glaze
Vessel is not watertight and is meant for decorative purposes.


Our creative process is not subject to a single prior idea that may be developed later on, rather it is a continuum in which one thing leads to another. We try to think and reflect on processes without a concrete opening and closure, so one idea accompanies us to meet another. We draw and observe objects all the time, looking at archive images that are present throughout the process, and making sketches and conducting mini-experiments that enable us to think and reflect about the shapes, textures, structures and images that we could use in creating the pieces. All this happens parallel to the construction of our objects, without a clearly differentiated before or after, so we could say that we build thinking and think about building. -Raquel Vidal and Pedro Paz