Luxury Home Decor Gift Guide: Artful Objects Over $200

Explore our exquisite selection of luxury gifts for this holiday season, each item masterfully crafted to elevate your interiors with a touch of elegance and sophistication. These remarkable pieces, each priced above $200, are designed by women artists, embodying the pinnacle of luxury and artistic expression. Ideal for those who have a penchant for the finer things in life, this collection is especially suited for the discerning individual who seemingly has everything. These holiday gifts offer not just utility but are artistic statements, serving as timeless treasures that enhance any space with their unique charm and high-end craftsmanship. Explore our gift guide with a curation of 20 luxury home decor products designed by women.

  1. Eden Sculptural Vessel by Karen Quirion - $1250
    The Eden Sculptural Vessel is a stunning representation of luxury and artistry. Inspired by the lifecycle of decayed flowers, its textured matte black body showcases a dramatic and mysterious aesthetic. This captivating piece, with its twisted and curved form, serves as a focal point in any interior, merging aesthetics with function and symbolizing the nostalgic beauty of withering flowers​.

  2. Adorned Sculptural Vessel Taupe by Karen Quirion  - $545
    The Adorned Sculptural Vessel combines elegance with minimalism. Its design features angular details and a monochrome taupe tone, reminiscent of brutalist architecture yet softened through a poetic lens. This vessel is an unforgettable addition to any space, embodying architectural rigor alongside poetic elegance​. 

  3. Laetus Sculptural Vessel Beige by Karen Quirion - $225
    The Laetus Sculptural Vessel is where minimalism meets elegance. Crafted with angular details and a monochrome beige tone, it draws inspiration from brutalist architecture, interpreted with a soft and poetic touch. Perfect for shelf styling, this piece harmoniously balances strong, defined shapes with subtle design, elevating interiors with architectural form and poetic grace​.

  4. Mora Chained Vessel - $500
    The Mora Chained Vessel, a creation by artist Jess Sasso, is a celebration of Italian heritage and Roman pottery. Handmade in Los Angeles, this vessel embodies resilience and refinement, with each link hand-formed to achieve a balance of perfectly imperfect artistry. It's not just a vessel, but a celebration of heritage, tradition, and human touch, perfect for adding a unique statement to any space​.

  5. Grekko Chained Vessel - $345
    Artist Jess Sasso brings to life the Grekko Chained Vessel, drawing inspiration from her Italian roots. This sculptural ceramic piece is both resilient and refined, featuring hand-formed links that tell a tale of generations. It's a piece that embodies heritage and tradition, ideal for holding flowers or as a standalone statement in your home​.

  6. Great Barrier Reef Vase Cream - $445
    The Great Barrier Reef Vase, a collaboration with artist Anna Altman, is a tribute to the world's largest coral system. Reflecting the expansive beauty of the reef, this is the largest item in the AA Ceramics collection. It's a functional art piece, water-tight and perfect for showcasing seasonal flowers or as a standalone decorative item, bringing the serenity of underwater landscapes into your home​.

  7. Acropora Vase Ink - $235
    Dive into the enchanting world of sea creatures with the Acropora Vase, crafted by artist Anna Altman. Inspired by the delicate structures of Acropora corals, this piece celebrates nature's textural wonders. It's a testament to passion and resilience, capturing the enthralling beauty of coral reefs. This open vase design can be adorned with florals using a floral frog or displayed as a standalone art piece​.

  8. Atoll Vase Cream - $265
    The Atoll Vase, another exquisite creation by Anna Altman, draws inspiration from the vibrant structures of atolls. Its slender ridges and flowing design encapsulate the essence of marine formations. Crafted to highlight the coral's vital role in our ecosystem, this vase is a perfect blend of elegance and story, suitable for holding florals or as a decorative item on its own​.

  9. Ghelena Sculptural Vessel - $500
    The Ghelena Vessel, exclusively on INK + PORCELAIN, is a manifestation of imagination by artist Laura Estela. Inspired by the hills and seas of Baja California, Mexico, this vessel integrates intricate details and elegant forms. Named after 'Ghelenita,' a phase in high-temperature ceramics, it serves as a canvas where artistry and composition unite. This piece is a tribute to manual artisanship, offering not just a product, but a piece of art​.

  10. Agora Chained Vessel by Jess Sasso - $375
    The Agora Chained Vessel is a remarkable creation by Jess Sasso, featuring a wheel-thrown base with added handles and a hand-built chain. This piece, inspired by Roman pottery, balances perfectly imperfect artistry with a celebration of heritage and tradition​.

  11. Sand Sculptural Vase by Amanda Hummes - $450
    Amanda Hummes' Sand Sculptural Vase is a modern take on the classic Greek amphora. This handcrafted piece, part of an exclusive collection, serves as a poignant reminder of ceramics' earthy origins, blending Brazilian heritage with global influences​. 

  12. The Fruit Vessel by Amanda Hummes - $395
    Elevate your home with The Fruit Vessel by Amanda Hummes, a fusion of geometric forms into a sculptural masterpiece. This handcrafted vessel serves as both an eye-catching decor piece and a functional setting for displaying nature's bounty​.

  13. Sun Catchall Bowl Large by Amanda Hummes - $395
    Amanda Hummes' Sun Catchall Bowl is inspired by the sun's radiance, with intricate wavy forms adorning its edges. This handcrafted bowl captures the essence of warmth and illumination, making it a perfect addition to any setting​.

  14. Goddess Chained Vase by Amanda Hummes - $355
    The Goddess Chained Vase, created by Amanda Hummes, symbolizes unity, wisdom, and heritage. This sculptural piece, embodying the feminine essence with its cylindrical shape and chain elements, tells a powerful story of interconnectedness and ancestral skill in ceramics​.

  15. The Chained Vessel by Studio Jii - $545
    The Chained Vessel is a hand-thrown art piece in a soft cream color, embodying meticulous craftsmanship and refined elegance. Each link tells a unique story, shaped with precision, making this piece a perfect blend of form and function. Hand-sculpted by Samantha Jiyeon Choo in Los Angeles, this vessel, suitable for use as a vase, elevates spaces with understated luxury​.

  16. Mega Amphora Vase Cream by Kuu Pottery - $515
    The Mega Amphora Vase, a larger-than-life rendition of the best-selling Curvy Amphora Vase, is a visually stimulating art piece. Handmade by Kassandra Guzman of Kuu Pottery, it makes a bold statement and is perfect for sparking conversation, especially when adorned with flowers. Each unique, wheel-thrown vase adds movement and energy to any space, cherished for its unique form and function​.

  17. Ruffle Bowl Large - $385
    Handmade by Jannalyn Bailey of Curious Clay, the Ruffle Bowl Large, featured in Design Milk, is a bigger and bolder version of the original, perfect as a centerpiece. This unglazed, hand-thrown piece adds movement and depth, making it a visually alluring statement piece for any home​.

  18. Cream Ruffle Bowl Large - $545
    The Cream Ruffle Bowl Large is a limited release, offering a bigger and bolder yet elegantly refined version of the original design. Handcrafted by Jannalyn Bailey, this piece, with delicate textured clay and voluminous ruffles, is a decorative object only, not suitable for use as a vase. It's an ideal addition for those seeking to infuse their spaces with an element of understated luxury.

  19. The Box Tray in Marble by Anastasio Home - $260
    The Box Tray, designed by Gabriela Anastasio Holloway, is a testament to the elegance of simplicity. Handcrafted from a single piece of solid marble by skilled artisans in Rajasthan, India, each tray is a unique objet d'art. Known for exquisite designs, Anastasio Home's tray is perfect for curated organization on coffee tables, vanities, or nightstands. This piece is a luxurious addition to any space, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

  20. The Ripple Vase - $265
    The Ripple Vase, a creation by Ruby Bell Ceramics, embodies a design that's alive with movement at every angle. This unique vessel, hand-built to stand the test of time, captures the essence of Taylor's artistic vision. Each sculpture is treated as a distinct entity, where the beauty of imperfections and the unexpected elements of the hand-building process are not only embraced but also celebrated​.