Introducing the Limited Release Ruffle Bowl: An Exclusive Handmade Masterpiece from Jannalyn Bailey

When the worlds of art and decor collide, we get unique pieces of beauty that defy norms. Among these timeless creations is the limited release ruffle bowl, a testament to the expertise and creativity of renowned artist, Jannalyn Bailey.

As the brains behind Curious Clay, Jannalyn has created an array of clay art pieces that have found homes across the globe. Her signature ruffle bowls, available in both cream and gray, are part of the larger Ruffle Family, with sizes ranging from small to our new, exclusive large size release. Each piece in this collection has been carefully designed to add understated luxury and depth to your home.

An Artist's Journey: Jannalyn Bailey and Her Love for Clay

Jannalyn's journey in the world of clay art is characterized by an intense love for handmade forms. Her deep desire to create attainable objects that enrich the lives of those who own them has led to the creation of pieces like the limited release ruffle bowl, an epitome of her dedication.

Born in Connecticut, Jannalyn's work is infused with a unique New England charm. This can be seen in her collection of Connecticut artisan clay pieces, each one a testament to her craftsmanship. Jannalyn's passion for her work is reflected in every unique clay bowl that she creates.


An Unrivaled Collection: The Ruffle Family

This larger bowl is part of the well-known Ruffle Family, a collection of ruffle bowls that are popular among both art enthusiasts and those with a taste for unique decor. The collection includes a smaller version of the ruffle bowl, along with versions in cream and gray.

The cream ruffle bowl is an embodiment of serenity and elegance. It adds a touch of calmness to any space and can seamlessly blend in with any decor theme.

The original gray ruffle bowl, on the other hand, brings a touch of sophistication to any space. This artistic statement piece was featured in Design Milk, garnering much-deserved attention.

Embrace Elegance with the Limited Release Ruffle Bowl

To own a piece of Jannalyn Bailey's clay art is to invite luxury and sophistication into your home. Each bowl from the Ruffle Family, especially the limited release ruffle bowl, tells a story of dedication, craftsmanship, and the love for clay art.

Now available exclusively for online release, this masterpiece can become a part of your home, adding a sense of understated elegance to your space.

Note: These artful bowls are not meant to hold water and serve purely decorative purposes.

Be a part of this artistic journey and embrace the world of unique, handmade decor. The limited release ruffle bowl is not just a purchase, but an investment in art and elegance.