Eunjin Bae: Crafting Wish Stones, A Fusion of Art and Korean Tradition

Eunjin Bae working on her ceramics in her Los Angeles studio

The Artist and Her Craft

Welcome to INK + PORCELAIN, a platform dedicated to celebrating female creatives from around the world. Meet one of our featured artists, Eunjin Bae. A Los Angeles-based ceramic artist with deep-seated passion for traditional Korean ware, Eunjin embarked on her creative journey in 2001 and has been tirelessly expanding her artistic sphere ever since. Her creations capture a philosophy of simplicity and functionality, blending the tranquility of traditional Korean ware with her personal artistic touch.

II. Eunjin Bae: Six Things About the Founder of Made by Eunjin

Get to know Eunjin Bae, the founder of Made by Eunjin, and discover her inspiration, her passions, and the driving force behind her work.

1. The Spark that Ignited a Journey

Eunjin's creative path began with a fascination for the quiet colors of Korean traditional ware. White porcelain, celadon, black glaze, buncheong - these tranquil hues had the power to accentuate the colors of food, a feature that drew Eunjin into the world of ceramics in 2001. Over the years, her constant philosophy of simplicity and function has allowed her to expand her sphere and open new creative doors.

2. Fueling the Creative Spark

What keeps Eunjin's creative flame burning? The world around her. Eunjin finds sparks of inspiration in her surroundings and in spontaneous, transient moments.

3. A Treasured Piece

Eunjin's most treasured home decor item is a painting by Hyesook Park, an artist she admires, alongside several designer chairs. But her interests change depending on the moment, and currently, she treasures her 'dancing rope' piece she’s been newly working on.

4. Sage Advice

The best advice she's ever received? "Repetition makes miracles. Don’t give up on what you like doing and be consistent with your efforts. Even if it’s not a big road, a new road will open up, leading to a happy and fulfilling life."

5. A Slice of Life

At 5 o'clock at home, you won't find Eunjin pouring a drink, but rather spending quality time with her two 15-year-old pups, Perry and Cleo.

III. The Essence of Eunjin's Art: Wish Stones

At the heart of Eunjin's work are her Wish Stones. These remarkable creations find their roots in her childhood memories, encapsulating a beautiful and deeply personal tradition she experienced growing up in Korea.

IV. Korean Tradition: A Cornerstone of Wish Stones

Stone stacking is a time-honored practice in Korean culture. It's a way for travelers to leave their mark, a gesture of respect for nature. Each stone carries a wish made by the person who stacked it. This soulful tradition fuels the creative spirit of Eunjin Bae and is the essence of her Wish Stones.

V. Wish Stones: More Than Just Decor

Eunjin's Wish Stones are designed to be a fusion of practicality, aesthetics, and sentiment. Whether perched atop a stack of books on your coffee table or gracefully poised on a shelf, these pieces serve as a tangible reminder of a beautiful tradition and a testament to Eunjin's creative spirit.

VI. An Exploration of the Wish Stones

Each Wish Stone is a testament to Eunjin's dedication to her craft. With their organic, raw exterior and a delicate, glossy white interior, they beautifully exemplify her philosophy of simplicity and functionality. These pieces are not only an elegant addition to your home decor but also make thoughtful and inspirational gifts for those who appreciate the charm of handmade items, unique traditions, and sustainable gifts.

VII. Conclusion

Eunjin Bae’s Wish Stones are more than just decor – they are a symbol of heritage, art, and a beautiful tradition brought to life through skilled craftsmanship. If you're looking to imbue your spaces with a piece that carries a story, or seeking a heartfelt, sustainable gift, these Wish Stones are the perfect fit. Step into the world of Eunjin Bae, explore her journey, and discover the deep-seated passion that shapes her work.