The organized home edit curated by Shira Gill, organizer, coach and author. Based in the Bay Area, Shira is known for living a minimal life and inspiring others to clear the clutter to make space for what matters the most. She's been featured in Vogue, Goop, and The New York Times. For over a decade, Shira has helped thousands of clients all over the globe, and created a process and toolkit that applies to anyone, regardless of their budget, space, or lifestyle. Below are six items that Shira believes will improve your home and keep you organized. We are all about improvements and transformations in the home and Shira makes it easy for everyone.  

Minimalista $30
My debut book! Minimalista contains my entire process and toolkit to help you edit, organize, and elevate your home (and life) - one small project at a time. My goal in writing the book was to break down a pretty universally daunting process into small, bite-sized steps. You can start making progress even if you are short on time and juggling ALL OF THE THINGS.
Seagrass Glassware $10
Crafted from recycled glass, this seagrass set adds warmth and texture to your dining table, and does double duty as a simple vase or candle holder.
2 Tiered Lazy Susan $180
This two-tiered organizer is great for setting up olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, shallots, and herbs next to the stovetop. The display is so inviting and lovely to look at that I might actually be inspired to cook more often.
June Dish Brush $7
Ditch the mildewy kitchen sponge. One of my favorite simple, sustainable swaps for the kitchen, this long-handled wooden dish brush actually makes doing dishes a wee bit more pleasant. The brush head can be popped off and easily replaced when needed. We store ours in a pretty ceramic tumbler next to the sink.
Hold Everything Canister Set $135
These stacking glass containers are stylish, sustainable, and the perfect vessels for storing everything from pantry staples to laundry detergent and wool dryer balls. One of my favorite versatile household essentials!
June Market Basket $45
A simple, stylish solution for storing everything from books, magazines, firewood, games, stuffed animals, linens, and shoes. Also makes a perfect farmers market bag.