Creating a cohesive and captivating interior aesthetic is all about adding the right details. One of the easiest and most impactful ways you can tie a room's look together is by adding flower vases adorned with blooms and greenery. 

Flower arrangements can enhance the visual appeal of a space by drawing attention to a particular spot in a room, playing with contrast against other interior design elements, or adding a touch of nature to your home. 

How to Choose the Right Flower Vase for Your Home

With a variety of flower vases available, it can be overwhelming to select the perfect vases for your home. To narrow down your choices, it can be helpful to consider a few factors that will affect the overall design aesthetic of your space. 

1. Choose a flower vase that complements your home's interior design.

The kind of flower vase and floral arrangement you choose should work well with the aesthetic of your home. Whether you have a traditional Spanish house, an industrial loft, or a mid-century modern condo, your home decor needs to be the same style to create a harmonious look. 

If you don't have a particular interior aesthetic in mind for your home, you can opt for simple and yet striking flower vases and vessels that complement many different styles. 

Our bestselling Ceramic Ruffle Bowl is a great example of a versatile flower vase. This ceramic home decor piece can hold flowers of varying sizes and can blend in with different surfaces to highlight the blooms. 

Available in Speckled Grey and Cream. Also comes in Large sizes. 

Another versatile home accessory is our Adorned Sculptural Vessel. This functional flower vase is water-tight and can hold fresh flowers longer while also adding a layer of visual interest to your space. Its sweeping curves can highlight more voluminous flowers like peonies, poppies, and roses. 

Available in Taupe and Canyon.

2. Mix and match flower vases with textured forms. 

Textured home decor pieces add another layer of interest to your home. Texture can often convey emotional meaning as well as the aesthetic inspiration of the object. Rough and smooth aspects of the vase can also play with accentuate masculine and feminine tones to overall look of the floral arrangement. 

Our Acropora Vase features ridged edges similar to the Acropora corals. Paired with flowers with smooth and clean petals can create a contrasting look perfect for centerpieces or as arrangements by the windowsill.

Available in Cream and Ink. 

The Fluid Vase on the other hand has a smoother exterior and softer curves. The fragile and gentle silhouette will work well to enhance a home with more romantic or traditional aesthetics. 

3. Mix and match flower vases made from different materials. 

The material from which a vase is made has a significant effect on its overall look and how it will pair with specific interior aesthetics. Glass and porcelain usually exude luxury and sophistication. Ceramics are more modern. And wood gives a very organic aspect to the floral arrangement. 

Our new Opulent Glass Vessel is will be a perfect addition to luxurious spaces. Its delicate form can hold large bouquets and towering floral arrangement that match curated spaces. 

Available in Large and Small.

The new Spun Glass Vessel is another option for homeowners looking for more delicate vases. Inspired by tulips, this glass flower vase can be a coffee table centerpiece, a permanent fixture on your nightstand, or as a home accessory on your bookshelves. 

4. Use flower vases of varying heights to create a floral tableaux.

Using hierarchy as an interior design element can add artistic flair and drama to your space. The visual impact of having flowers of different heights and volume will capture your guests' attention and serve as focal point in the room.  Our Ovular Vase is a towering home decor masterpiece that can create an imposing visual in your home. When mixed with shorter and narrower flower vases, it can be a background element that sets the tone of the entire tableaux. 

Available Standard and Large sizes. 


Our Bud Vases are a set of floral vessels that come in 3 sizes so you can easily create a stunning hierarchy of blooms and greenery in matching pieces. They also are stunning pieces that can be displayed on pedestals and mantels. 

Available in Cream and Espresso.

5. Select sculptural vessels that double as flower vases.

Sculptural flower vases have become very popular over the years. These vessels, while already striking standalone pieces, can also hold aloft beautiful stems of flowers, twigs, and other greenery to add intrigue and a "gallery-like" look to your home.  The Curvy Amphora Vase is one such vessel. it's unique handles make it an interesting homeware art piece but when adorned it flowers, it transforms your home into an ancient Grecian space.

Available in Cream and Dune. 

Our Lure Sculptural Vessel is another homeware art piece in itself. Its twisting arms and soft openings create a contrasting look that will draw admiration. Pair it with long-stemmed single flowers to add height and increase contrast between flower and vessel.
Available in Ink and Canyon. 

When selecting the right flower vase for your home, always consider these factors that will inevitably come into play when creating your floral arrangement. Don't be afraid to play around and try different combinations of flowers, vessels, and interior aesthetics to discover what suits you best. 

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