Photography by Zhenya Minaeva

6 Things with Dani Charlton + Emma Rubenstein of Dani + Emma

Based in Los Angeles, Dani Charlton and Emma Rubenstein are the creative fashion styling duo behind Dani + Emma. Their work includes editorial, celebrity, advertising and red carpet styling. Represented by Forward Artists, they've worked with Olivia Rodrigo, Camila Cabello, Leslie Grace, and Anya Taylor-Joy to name a few. The amount of detail and direction that happens behind the scenes in their work shows. Whatever the event or setting they nail the look every single time. Personal style is something we've always believed to be important as a reflection of yourself and we've taken notes from Dani + Emma in finding your own style. While style is something that Dani + Emma grace us with effortlessly, we're lucky enough to share their own personal style at home and where they draw their inspiration from.

1. What started it all for you?

We met 7 years ago, both as styling assistants in Los Angeles working with celebrities, musicians, publications and on commercials. We had separately been assisting in the industry for over 5 years and were both at a point where we were ready to be our own bosses and start a business that speaks to what we love about style. Creative direction and styling was both of our goals, so we took a leap and produced up our first shoot as a styling duo on May 1st 2015 and haven't looked back!

2. What drives your creative spark?

So many things. We are both ridiculously inspired and motivated by music and artists. Watching live performances and seeing how clothing moves and enhances a set is something that brings us the most joy. We love to draw inspiration from musicians in the 60s, 70s, and 90s. Going to local art museums is also something we love doing. Specifically the MOCA, and the LACMA and The Huntington Library brings us an abundance of inspiration. Creating stories and a narrative with the looks we put together is our most favorite thing.

3. Most treasured home decor item?

D: A painting of my best furry friend, Z, that Emma’s Mum painted. It’s sits with his ashes and I couldn’t imagine not having either of these things in every home for the rest of my life.

E: My mom, Sylvie Carr is an incredible artist! I own quite a few of her paintings and they are by far my most treasured items.

4. What’s the best advice you've ever received?

D: Know that every ‘no’ should fuel you even harder to find that ‘yes’. With belief and persistence you will end up where you are meant to be, and the lessons you learned along the way will make you an expert in your field.

E: Waves! Life and our career is a wave and as soon as you learn to let go and accept the ups and downs and find beauty and strength in the entire journey, doubt will begin to fall away.

5. It's 5 o'clock at home. What would you be pouring?

We love any natural wine from Vinovore. A delicious chilled red, or orange Pet Nat if we are getting specific. But what we are most picky about is the glassware! Love a beautiful stemmed glass, it dresses your wine right up, and you know we love to play dress up.

6. What are your favorite 6 accounts that you follow for inspiration?



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"We love to draw inspiration from musicians in the 60s, 70s, and 90s. Creating stories and a narrative with the looks we put together is our most favorite thing." -Dani + Emma

Photography by Zhenya Minaeva