Before starting her own design studio KKB Interiors in 2018, Kylie apprenticed for a number of prestigious interior design firms in New York City. As an interior designer, she has a natural ability to connect with and understand her client's goals and in turn design timeless, functional interiors that reflect their lifestyle. She truly believes it is so important to come home every day to a place you love. 

1. What started it all for you?

Growing up, I was a creative and artistic person. I loved art and I danced competitively until college, but I never considered ways to translate that side of my brain into a career (since I was definitely not good enough to be a professional dancer or artist). So, my idea of pursuing a “creative” career in my 20s was entering the media/advertising world. While I loved my job at the time, I knew something was missing in terms of the artistic outlet I had cherished growing up.

I've always had a deep infatuation with homes and interiors. Part of my morning routine has always been clicking right to Architectural Digest and browsing realtor.com for fun. I also was the person my friends went to for style advice when they moved. In hindsight, it's funny to think that this career path didn't click sooner for me. I credit my husband (then fiancé) for having confidence in me and pushing me to take the leap. I quit my media job and started taking classes at the New York School of Interior Design.

After working for a few firms, I learned a lot about how I wanted to operate as a designer, gained more confidence in the process, and decided to start my own business. Looking back, I am so grateful for the decision and my journey.

2. What drives your creative spark?

The genuine excitement from my clients at the start of a new project is incredibly motivating for me. Designing someone’s home is a very intimate process, and no two families are alike. I love getting to know my clients on a personal level. It inspires me to select pieces that are not only beautiful but also tailored to how they will live and thrive in their space.

3. Most treasured home decor item?

It’s hard to pick just one, but categorically, it would have to be the trinkets and antiques that I purchase on vacations, even if it was a $5 find at a little market. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for collecting pieces that have a story behind them. I love seeing these items around my apartment because they bring me back to the place, day, moment, and reason I felt I needed them for my home. Each piece holds a special memory and adds a layer of personal history to my space!

4. What’s the best advice you've ever received?

Different pieces of advice have resonated with me at various points in my life/career. Most recently, the advice that I'm holding onto is from one of my daughter's books: "Kindness Starts With You." In an industry where problems constantly present themselves, the only thing you can truly control is how you act and react in these scenarios. By showing genuine kindness and respect, my goal is to create a chain reaction of positive interactions. At the end of the day, we’re all human and just trying to do our jobs! Why not be nice to each other? It solves problems faster and makes the journey more enjoyable. 

5. It's 5 o'clock at home. What would you be pouring?

Wine, always.

6. What are your 6 favorite accounts that you follow for inspiration?



"Kindness Starts With You. In an industry where problems constantly present themselves, the only thing you can truly control is how you act and react in these scenarios." -Kylie Bass